Internship options


The Contemporary China Studies Programme is designed to maximize your opportunities to learn about AND experience present-day China during your 4, 6 or 8 months sojourn in Shanghai. 

Doing an internship in an international corporation or a local organisation as part of your CCSP experience in Shanghai provides you with an invaluable opportunity to gain working experience in a global environment, to have practical exposure to the world of business and management in China, and to develop unique business skills which will certainly serve you well at the start of your professional career. Think about it: just about every company in the world would like to be part of China’s economic miracle; your actual experience in a Chinese working environment looks great on your CV and will give you a head-start when you launch your professional career.  

CCSP offers part-time and full-time internships that vary in length and intensity. As part of CCSP Academic, you may take a part-time internship for one day per week during the length of the academic semester. Alternatively, you may do this for three weeks full-time after the completion of the semester. With CCSP Internship Plus, you will be able to do a ten-weeks full-time internship immediately following your academic semester. And with CCSP Internship Premium, you may do a full-time internship for a full 16-week semester.   


CCSP internships are available in different occupational fields and industries, ranging from international consultancy firms and industry associations to local tech start-ups or NGO's and non-for-profit grassroot organisations.

Internship placement services are provided by Fudan University on a competitive basis. During the orientation phase of the programme, Fudan will provide you with a list and description of the available internship positions. You will be asked to apply for one or more of the positions. The university will then arrange interviews with the internship companies of your choice, which will subsequently decide which students they will accept. Alternatively, you may also find your own internship place to fit your specific needs or interests. Information about the internship placement procedures is provided during orientation at the start of the programme.  

For your reference, a listing of internship positions provided by Fudan University during the current semester can be found here:

Internship Opportunities_Fall 2017.pdf