For whom?


The Contemporary China Studies Programme has been designed as a high-quality study abroad programme for European students who are registered at a recognized university or college in Europe at undergraduate  (second year or above) or Master level. 

The programme is suitable for candidates from a wide range of academic disciplines, such as business and economics, law, political sciences and public governance, international relations and diplomacy, regional studies, engineering and the social sciences. 

For the academic courses, at least one year of university or college training is required, but no specific academic knowledge is required. 

Applicants must have fluent English language proficiency, however, IELTS or TOEFL are not required. Knowledge of Chinese is not required either. 


Kristian Aagard

CCSP offers a wide range of subjects which in perfect symbiosis provide you with an insight into how China     acts as country, culture, political power and economy. It will be a journey you will never forget!”