Chinese Film

China through Contemporary Chinese Film


Credits:3 Fudan University credits, 5 ECTS equivalent

This course is intended to offer insights into the political, social and cultural changes in contemporary China and the impact of modernization and globalization on its cultural redefinition and identity reforming. Using primarily a selection of films directed by the internationally acclaimed Chinese 5th and 6th generation directors, the course will invite students to exercise their critical thinking skills to appraise the cultural narratives of each selected film, and the aesthetic presentation produced by each film director. 

By the end of the course students will be able to: 

--Demonstrate knowledge of the political, social, and cultural changes in Chinese film over the past three decades; 

--Identify key characteristics of Chinese cultural tradition; 

--Compare cultural elements of China to those of their own cultural backgrounds; 

--Evaluate the representation and criticism of Chinese cultural tradition and value in contemporary Chinese film 


Lecture 1: An Introduction to Mainland Chinese Cinema (1) 

Lecture 2: An Introduction to Mainland Chinese Cinema (2) 

Lecture 3: An Introduction to Mainland Chinese Cinema (3) 

Lecture 4: The signs of “Chineseness” in Raise the Red Lantern   

Lecture 5: Cultural Introspection and Artistic Innovation 

Lecture 6: The Plights of Chinese Intellectuals 

Lecture 7:Ideological Changes Reflected in “Wang Shuo Phenomenon” 

Lecture 8Victims of Consumerism 

Lecture 9 Lecture and Discussion: Victims of Consumerism 

Lecture 10A Contemporary Tale of the Strange: Emergence of Chinese Independent Art Cinema

Lecture 11 Negotiating Local/Global Identities: China in the 21st Century

Lecture 12Changes of Urban Landscape in the Era of Globalization

Lecture 13Blockbuster in Chinese Style: Feng Xiaogang’s New Year’s Film (He Sui Pian)

Lecture 14The Past and Present of Shanghai in Chinese Film