CCSP Semester Abroad


The Contemporary China Studies Semester Programme runs every Autumn and Spring semester. The Autumn semester starts in the first week of September and ends the week before Christmas. The Spring Semester starts after Chinese New Year in late February or early March and ends in the second half of June. 

The CCSP Semester Programme consists of three parts:


You may choose any combination of academic and language courses and internship on offer during the semester, with a maximum study load of the equivalent of 30 ECTS. We will ask you to make a preliminary course selection during your application process. However, your final selection can be made a week into the programme, after you have had a chance to sit in on any of the courses of your interest. In case you need CCSP credits for your studies at home, we strongly recommend that you consult your home university on your course selection before the start of the programme.   


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Academic courses on topics ranging from contemporary Chinese culture and society, economy, business and marketing to Chinese politics, diplomacy, religion and psychology are all taught in English. All courses are taught for one period of 2 or 3 hours per week, using an effective mix of teaching methodologies, as well as Chinese and Western study materials. Examinations may consist of written tests, group or individual presentations, papers or assignments, depending on the course. Information about examination and grading for every course can be found in the course descriptions elsewhere on this website.      



Language courses are offered by licensed Fudan University language teachers in small class settings at beginners and intermediate level. Placement takes place based on your Chinese language proficiency, which is tested at the start of the programme.   


Xiao-Miao Zhou

“Staying at Fudan University was the right choice. I am positively surprised about the applied teaching             methods.”

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